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Transforming Anxiety

  • Heart-Based Living Approach to Anxiety
    Most people have some anxiety about themselves, their family and future. Anxiety about the world's problems – climate change, terrorism, disease. It can sap your energy, joy and vitality. This book explains why it’s occurring and what you can do to overcome fear and worry and create more serenity, especially during uncertain times. The HeartMath System addresses emotions directly. Transforming Anxiety is based on IHM’s 16 years of research on the physiology of emotions and has led to development of scientifically proven techniques that alter the body's physical response to anxiety and show how to attain a peaceful, positive state. Learn and experience these techniques: Attitude Breathing®, Cut-thru® and Heart Lock-In®; achieve new intuitive heart understanding. Release anxiety and replace it with new positive feelings. Cut through closed mental and emotional loops and create new patterns in your neural circuitry. Many have used these techniques to transform chronic worry, panic attacks, phobias, post-traumatic stress and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Release anxieties as they occur and find ease and security within.
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