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Ten-Day Shred Challenge

Facilitated by: Dr. Sheryl Beller-Kenner

Mon, Mar 6 - Weds, Mar 15, 2017


What Is the  Ten-Day Shred?


Maintaining a balanced nutritional diet can be a challenge in the best of times.  But the stress and over-work we experience in our daily life make it even more difficult.  The current recommendation for a healthy diet is to fill half your plate at each meal - for a total of between 10 and 13 servings per day - with fruits and vegetables. Are you meeting those guidelines?


Healthy eating takes time, planning, and can cost a lot of money, and, as a result, most of us suffer from a daily fruit and vegetable deficit. Healthy eating is about getting back to basics, to whole foods and away from processed foods.  Our JuicePlus+ -powered nutritional programs are simple, time-saving, and cost-effective ways of getting the nourishment you need to live a healthy, vibrant, active, and busy life.


The Ten-Day Shred, is a commitment to eating right and maintaining a healthier lifestyle for just 10 days. The 10-Day Shred will dramatically launch your nutritional change. By introducing the power of over 20 fruits and vegetables into your day, the Ten-Day Shred acts as a short detox to get you ready for a new way of eating. To jump-start your healthy eating plan, you will eliminate all the foods that you know are not good for you (mucous-producing, inflammatory, allergenic). At the same time, you will increase the amount of fruits and vegetables and whole foods that you eat and the water that you drink; basically, you will have 2 shakes, one whole food meal (and dessert!), and 2 whole food snacks daily. Meal prep is simple, fast, and delicious! While we each have individual goals, such as weight loss, improved health, or increased energy, the main goal of this program is for you to enjoy eating whole foods as they replace the processed foods that you were previously eating.  By changing to whole foods, you will lose weight and feel better. In 10 days you will get some real results that are motivating and encouraging.


It’s called the Ten-Day Shred because we believe you are capable of doing ANYTHING for 10 Days! It’ll be 10 days of sharing, encouragement and support – in person, on-line, and in a private Facebook group.  You are not alone; you are part of the BelArôme One Simple Change Your Way Program!  We are with you every day of the way – and beyond!   As part of the Ten-Day Shred Challenge, you will have access to:


Live & On-Line

> Private Facebook Group Page

> Naturopath & Nutritional Consultant

> Daily Support & Inspiration - Nutritional and Lifestyle

> One Simple Change Your Way Meet-up Group at BelArôme Holistic Health Centre


Supplementary Materials

> BelArôme Ten-Day Shred Welcome Package

> Ten-Day Shred Guide ebook - 45 pages

Whole Foods Recipe eBook​ - 100-page

> Refrigrator Cheat Sheet

> Power Meal & Snack List

> Top Ten Tips List

> Shopping Guide


And we don't leave you when the ten days are over.  With a small modification (depending on your results and choices), we move right in to the remainder of our Transform 30 Plan. We use the rest of the month to fine-tune and solidify the changes that we have made.  Over the next 4 months you will see some fabulous results!  Your new routines become permanent changes that will bring improved health and vitality to you and your family.


How much does it all cost???  


It is  FREE with the purchase of the Shred10 Package!


Also, for each purchase of one Shred10 Package, you can receive FREE Chewables (Orchard & Garden Blends) for a child or young adult student for up to 4 years.


How fabulous is that??!


We're ready!!!  Are you??!


Registration & Payment Information

Registration & payment are required 1 week before the beginning of the event.


Registration is a two-step process.


Step 1 - Make Your Reservation

Fill out reservation form on the Registration Page to notify us of your intention to join us and to give us the information that we need to make your experience the best possible for you.


When you have submitted your Reservation Form, you will automatically be sent to the Payment Page.


Step 2 - Make Your Payment By Directly Ordering the Shred10 Package

Payment in full is required within 48 hours of your reservation.


There are 3 ways to pay. Choose the way that's best for you. 


1. In-Person - Pay By Debit or Credit Card:

Download, complete and print the Order Form.

Bring form  to Centre,

and I will make the order for you:

BelArôme Holistic Health Centre
3285 Boulevard  Cavendish - #550, Montreal (NDG) QC CA H4B 2L9

Your order will be confirmed by email.


2. By Telephone - Pay By Debit or Credit Card:

Download, complete and print the Order Form.

Telephone me, and I will make the order for you:

Your order will be confirmed by email.


3. By email - Pay By Debit or Credit Card:

Download, complete and print the Order Form.

Email the form to me, and I will make the order for you:

Your order will be confirmed by email.



Please call The Centre - 514.481.WELL or email us at if you have any questions or special circumstances that we can help you with.


Prices Are In Canadian Dollars.

Taxes Not Included.


Ten-Day Shred Challenge:

Mon, Feb 6 - Weds, Feb 15, 2017





The Basics


JuicePlus+ Shred10 Package:


2 Shakes per day for 10 Days + 1 Shake per day for 110 Days (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Mixed)


Juice Plus+® Orchard, Garden & Vineyard Blend Capsules for 120 Days




Shipping & Taxes Extra


The Extras


Option A: Foot Reflexology Session & Consultation


Reduced rate. Free Consultation. Free Detox Foot Bath Salts.


Must be booked at time of registration. Appointment must be taken by Feb 30, 2017  or full fee will apply.


Option B: Aromatherapy Consultation & Individualized Blend


Reduced rate.  Free Individualized Blend. Free Bottle of Lavender essential oil.


Must be booked at time of registration. Appointment must be taken by Feb 30, 2017  or full fee will apply.


$75. + taxes



$75. + taxes



10-Day Shred Products 

Order Form Download

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