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  Course For Professional Certification

Our courses are certified by the top Canadian professional organizations in their fields.

Course: AR-220-PCC - Advanced Aromatherapy Certification Course

  • Prerequisite: None

  • Hours: Equivalent to 500 hours

  • Student Active Status: 2 years from first day of class

  • Teaching Techniques: Combination of In-Class with Blending Work (60 Hours) & On-Line/Self-Study Work (350 Hours)

        & 30 Case Studies​; Final Written Foundation Exam & Practice Clinic & Final Practical Exam


Revised Syllabus: 

  • Expanded Curriculum equivalent to Advanced Level - 500 hours

  • Includes the most current research!

  • In-class & on-line practice

  • Observed Practice Clinic


New Length: 

  • 500 hours (Meets CFA Requirements) 

  • Increased Hands-On Activities!


Benefits of New Course Type: 

  • You have up to 2 years to complete your course; extensions may be possible.

  • Combination of In-Class with Blending Work (60 Hours) & On-Line/Self-Study (350 Hours)

  • Get all of the benefits of working hands-on with a live instructor and of doing self-study at your own pace! 

  • Small classes: Four to six students per class! 

  • The on-line work area keeps you in contact with other students, permits you to submit your work on-line, and offers interactive, multimedia work.

  • In case of emergency, if you can't make it to a class, you can arrange to participate by video (Skype).

Anti-Discrimination Policy: 

In accordance with the Canada Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, and, therefore, prohibited in Québec, BelArome Learning does not discriminate by: age, civil status, disability, ethnic or national origin, language, political convictions, pregnancy, race or colour, religion, sex/gender, sexual orientation, or social condition. In order to determine whether we will be able to provide reasonable accommodation of any handicaps, it will be the responsibility of the potential student to advise the school of any special needs at least 2 weeks before the class begins or before signing the school contract.


1  Description of Course:  

“Aromatherapy is a caring, hands-on therapy which seeks to induce relaxation,
to increase energy, to reduce the effects of stress and to restore lost balance to mind, body and soul.” 
--Robert Tisserand


Aromatherapy is a natural technique designed to assist the body's natural ability to balance and maintain itself through the skilled use of essential oils. It is both an art and a science based on the interaction between the aromatherapist, the client and the essential oils, which all work together to elicit the client's innate, self-healing energy. Aromatherapy may be used as a preventative approach or as a support during various stages of illness or 'dis'-ease. As a holistic modality, aromatherapy is able to work on several levels -- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual -- to effect over-all health, well-being, beauty and vitality.


Essential oils are the volatile (quickly-evaporating) essences produced by aromatic plants through the process of photosynthesis. The constituents of a plant's oil (its essence) may be extracted from its flowers, leaves, grasses, bark, peels, roots, seeds, and/or resins, and some plants can produce more than one essential oil, depending on the part used.  Essential oils contain a tremendous amount of a plant's energy, and only a very small quantity is needed for significant effects.  Individual oils or specially-prepared blends can be used for health-giving, meditative, restorative or relaxing purposes.  By assisting the body directly in balancing itself and immediately reducing the stress that causes more than 85% of all illnesses; all of the body systems are affected in a positive way.  By learning about aromatherapy, you can learn to take care of yourself, your friends and family, and paying clients in a practice of your own, as part of a CAM group, or for a spa.


Join us – on-line and in small classes to explore the “scent-sational” world of aromatherapy as a health care practice!  Get answers to the following questions – and more: What is aromatherapy? How does it work? What are its benefits? What exactly are essential oils, hydrosols, and carrier oils, how are they made, and how do we use them? You will learn the theory and its practical applications, holistic anatomy & physiology & pathology.  On-line learning activities,  will help you study, alone or with others, and will prepare you for the final exams. Class meetings will be hands-on, and you will enjoy sharing of projects, such as: identifying oils by smell, making individualized blends, preparing & sharing health care products, preparing items that will help you expand your business. Through supervised clinical work and guided case studies, you will get sufficient practice to become comfortable to work on new clients of your own.


Successful completion of this course will give you an advanced working knowledge of the safe use of aromatherapy as a professional practice or as an add-on in a related discipline such as nursing or massage therapy. In addition, you will become eligible to apply for membership in the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapy or a similar organization in your province as a Professional Member.



2 Duration of Course: 500 hours


This course is equivalent to 500 hours of study including the completion of 30 case studies.  Modules One & Two are to be taken simultaneously, and their content is included in the Final Written Foundations Exam.   Module Three can be taken only upon successful completion of the course requirements and the Final Written Foundations Exam for Modules One & Two.


3 Course Outline – Modules, Units & Main Topics

This outline has been expanded to include a greater focus on preparing you to become a mindful,
holistic practitioner.  As a result, the outline below will be updated soon.




1          Foundations Of Aromatherapy

Course Procedures

Introduction To Aromatherapy

History Of Aromatherapy


2         Materia Medica & Aromatic Chemistry

Botany ( Taxonomy , Families, Genus, Species, Variety, Subspecies, Forma, Cultivar, Chemotype, Hybrid)

Functional Groups/Chemistry/Pharmacology

Essential Oil Chemistry

Chemical  Building  Blocks – Elements, Atoms, Molecules, Compounds

Functional Groups – Types In Eos, Structures/Components, Properties (Physical, Chemical, Therapeutic, Contraindications), EOs In Groups

Pharmacokinetics - How Eos Are Absorbed, Metabolized And Excreted From The Body

Pharmacology & Properties

 Toxicity/Safety Issues


3         Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Hydrosols & The Plants They Come From

Essential Oil Characteristics



Production, Extraction, & Quality

Comparing EOs: Chemotypes, Varieties, Etc.

Modifying EOs

Testing EO Quality

Specific Essential Oils

Basic Essential Oils

Exotic Essential Oils

Hazardous Essential Oils

Using Essential Oils

Methods Of Application

Blending Guidelines


Special Considerations


Carrier Oils

Infused/Macerated Carrier Oils


4         Business Practices & Deontology

Getting Started

Creating A Healthy Work Space

Starting Your Own Clinic Or Not

Business Management

Other Aromatherapy Business Legalities

Business Plan Formulation

Personal And Professional Ethics

Dealing With Clients

Growing Your Business/Marketing

Professional Referrals & Exchanges


5         The Client Session (No Bodywork)

Standards Of Practice/Protocol

Overview Of A Session

Preparation For A Session

Pre-Blend Preparation Procedures/Client Assessment

Blend Preparation Procedures

Post Blend Preparation Procedures /Follow-Up Plan


6         Intro To Expanded Applications

Skin Care

Spa Work

Subtle Aromatherapy


Vibrational Medicine

Subtle Aromatherapy


Healing Energy Of Plants

Color Therapy




Medical Aromatherapy & Research

The Role Of Research And Science In Aromatherapy

The Placebo Effect

Conducting Research Yourself

Aromatherapy In A Primary Health Care Environment

Primary Health Care

Surgery & Intensive Care

Palliative Care





7         Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology


Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology

Cells, Tissues, Organs, Systems

Anatomical Terms For Position, Direction, Movement, Cavities, Regions

Body Systems

Integumentary System

Nervous & Sensory System

Circulatory/Cardiovascular System

Respiratory System

Endocrine System

Lymphatic System

Immune System

Digestive System

Genito-Urinary System

Reproductive System

Musculo-Skeletal System


8         Test - Written Foundations Exam & Practice Clinic

Preparing For Written Final Foundations Exam

Final Written Foundations Exam Includes Modules One & Two

Preparing For Practice Clinic

Practice Clinic - Day-long


Can Only Be Taken When Requirements For Modules One & Two And The Written Foundations Exam Have Been Passed and when the Practice Clinic is Successfully Completed.

9      Case Studies

Case Study Protocol (30)

Case Study Notebook


10     Final Practical Exam

Final Practical Exam Requirements & Protocol

Final Practical Exam


4  Course Requirements


4.1        Class Attendance

You are expected to attend at least:

-- 90% of all non-examination class time in person

-- Both the written and the practical exams 

-- The Practice Clinic


4.2       Format of Lessons

The format of this course will be a combination of In-Class & On-Line/Self-Study Work. The  Foundations Classes will be held approximately once a month for 8 hours (request schedule of classes for the specific up-coming sections of this course). Between class meetings, your weekly self-study work will include readings, blending activities, projects, on-line activities and on-line quizzes. Some of the self-study work will be graded & included as part of your final grade.


4.3       Homework

Between class meetings, your weekly self-study work will include readings, blending activities, projects, on-line activities and on-line quizzes. Some of the self-study work will be graded & included as part of your final grade. All assignments will be available in your E-Aroma Classroom on-line.

4.4       Quizzes, Tests & Case Studies


4.4.1       On-line Practice Quizzes

The on-line Unit Quizzes were designed for you to be able to review your work and help you prepare for your exams. There are no course grades associated with the quizzes; they are there for extra help. In addition, your instructor will give you practical tips for studying and preparing throughout the semester.


4.4.2     Final Foundations Exam

During the last class of the session, you will be required to sign up for and complete the Written Final Foundations Exam. This exam will cover all of the Foundations work that we have done in class or that you were assigned for self-study homework.


This exam will be scored out of 100%.  Minimum passing grade is 80%.  Upon unsuccessful completion, one make-up exam may be taken, for an additional fee.  Upon successful completion, you may begin your case studies.


4.4.3       Case Studies

Upon successful completion of your written Final Foundations Exam, you will be required to complete 30 case studies.


Your instructor will help prepare you to do the case studies.


Case studies will be reviewed by your instructor, and will be graded on a pass/fail basis.  Upon unsuccessful completion, you may complete those case studies that need to be improved.  Upon successful completion, you may schedule your Final Practical Exam.


4.4.4      Receiving An Aromatherapy Session

BEFORE you finish your case studies and take your Hands-On Practical Exam, you must have received one professional AROMATHERAPY session from a CFA-certified, professional member.


4.4.6       Final Practical Exam

After all of the other requirements have been met, you will be required to take a Final Practical Exam.


Basically, you will conduct an AROMATHERAPY session on your instructor (who will role play a client), going through every part of the protocol for a first visit. This will include setting up, welcoming the client, performing all assessments, making an Individualized Blend, giving client directions & recommendations, and recording the session.


This exam will be scored out of 100%; the minimum passing grade is 80%.  Upon unsuccessful completion, one make-up exam may be taken, for an additional fee.  Upon successful completion of this and all other course requirements, you will be awarded your certificate.


4.7       Other Activities

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: All students are urged to join a professional Aromatherapy organization and obtain practitioner insurance - even as a student.  Each professional aromatherapy organization in North America has different requirements for professional membership that may or may not include certain number of study hours, certain number of case studies, and/or an entrance exam. As of 2019, the  BelArome course curriculum at least meets all of the advanced requirements of each North American professional Aromatherapy organization. If the organization that you choose to join after you receive your certificate requires you to take its own exam, you will have to arrange it and pay that organization; it is not included in the exams for this course, but you can request that we act as a proctor if needed.


It is highly recommended that you become a student member of the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA); this will give you the opportunity to meet other aromatherapists, participate in professional activities, and buy insurance coverage for when you work on your case studies. Further information will be given in class.


5   Additional Services Provided


5.1       On-line Facilities - E-Aroma Classroom

As part of your enrollment benefits, you will be given an on-line Moodle account which will gain you and your classmates entrance to your own E-Aroma Classroom.  This account will give you access to additional study materials, unit practice quizzes, student information and chat areas, and other course information.


You can access our web-based resources and chat rooms 7 days a week at the following address:


5.2       Teacher/Tutor Contact

Throughout the course, you will be guided by your instructor or a specific tutor, who will be accessible in-person 5 days a week (not on weekends). You will be given a list of specific hours that your teacher/tutor will be available so that you can contact her/him live.


You can also contact your teacher/tutor by mail, fax, or email 7 days a week.  Your teacher/tutor will contact you within 48 hours, Monday through Friday.


5.3       Additional Hands-On Practice

From time to time, your instructor may make available opportunities for you to get additional, supervised practice in a clinic setting.


6     Books & Materials


6.1.       Materials Included in Fee


6.1.1    On-line E-Aroma Classroom 

On-line Practice Exercises & Quizzes & updated materials are available to you in your E-Aroma Classroom.


You will have free access to the course E-Aroma Classroom until you complete your final Practical Exam.

6.1.2       Copyright of materials:

Courses, course notes and on-line materials are not to be sold, loaned, copied, or used in any way outside of the pursuit of studying the course by the person who is enrolled in the course; unless permission is sought and granted in writing by the School.


6.1.3 Certificate of Course Completion


6.2       Materials/Equipment To Be Purchased By Student


6.2.1    Before the first class

•  Mandatory Texts (titles given upon registration)

•  Essential Oils Starter Kit (price to be determined upon registration)

•  Loose-leaf Binder & Paper

•  Pens/Pencils, Colored Pencils/Crayons


6.2.2    Before Module Four (Bodywork option)

•  1 White Lab coat

•  Massage Table (needed when beginning Aromatherapy body work)

•  2 sheets

•  2 Pillows

•  1 Blanket

•  1 Wash cloth, 2 Towels

•  Wet naps

•  Powder, Lotion


7  Fees:  Click here to see current fees & course dates.



7.1       Payment Plans


7.1.1       Choice of Plans

Payment Options: You may pay by cash or cheque or  e-transfer.

Deposit Options: Deposits are due 2 weeks before the beginning of class the latest. You may also choose to pay in full, at once.


Payment Plans: For a small fee, you may also choose to pay the remainder of the tuition & Student Oils Kit in 2, 3 or 4 parts, each part payable beginning on Class 1, and continuing to Class 2, and 3.


Refunds: No refunds will be given after the first class date or when access to the Course Web Site has been given, whichever occurs first. 


7.1.2       Fees For Returned/Insufficient-Fund Checks

There is a $35 fee for checks returned for insufficient-funds.


7.2       Refunds: Withdrawal From A Course

BelArome Distance Education operates a refund policy which is fair and equitable.


Notification of withdrawal from a course must be received in writing within 14 days of payment of deposit in order to qualify for a full refund (less postage, handling and administration costs - minimum $100).  

If you have to withdraw for a documented medical reason, it may be possible to transfer you to the next semester/session.  In that case, whatever you have paid will be transferred to the fees of that course in that semester. You will only be able to transfer in this way one time.


Refunds: No refunds will be given after the first class date or when access to the Course Web Site has been given, whichever occurs first. 


8   Course Completion

Certification will be awarded upon successful completion (grade of 80% or better) of course attendance, Final Foundations Exam, Final Practical Exam, REquired Activities, Practice Exam and Case Studies.  In addition, you must receive one AROMATHERAPY session from a CFA-certified practitioner.


Upon awarding of certificate, student may become eligible for membership in the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists as a Professional Member.


8.1       Completion Time Limit

Advanced Certification Courses must be completed within 2 years of the first day of class.



8.1.1       On-line Practice Quizzes

On-line Practice Quizzes are for review and self-study only.


8.1.2       Final Foundations Exam

Final Foundations Exam must be successfully completed with a score of 80%.


8.1.3       Case Studies

Case Studies must be completed within 6 months of the Written Final Foundations Exam.  They must be marked and completed before the Final Practical Exam can be taken.  It will take at least 3 weeks for case studies to be reviewed and graded, so plan accordingly.


8.1.4       Aromatherapy Session

You must have an AROMATHERAPY session from a CFA-approved practitioner. The documentation for this is due when your case study notebook is due.


8.1.5       Final Practical Exam

Final Practical Exam must be completed within 1 month of completion of case studies. The Final Practical Exam must be successfully completed with a score of 80%.


8.2       Deferments and Extensions

If there is a valid reason, you may apply to the office manager in writing for a deferment or extension. If you demonstrate exceptional circumstances, we will grant a 3-6 month deferments, as necessary. Additional fees will apply.


9   Conditions Of Enrollment

All students must be at least 18 years old to apply for admission. All students must fill out a self-assessment health form.


According to the Canada Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, and, therefore, prohibited in Québec, this school does not discriminate by: age, civil status, disability, ethnic or national origin, language, political convictions, pregnancy, race or colour, religion, sex/gender, sexual orientation, or social condition. We will make every possible effort for reasonable accommodation unless it causes undue hardship on the teachers, the classroom setup, or the other students.

There is a zero-tolerance policy toward discrimination, violence, abuse (verbal or physical), or intoxication.  Students exhibiting inappropriate behavior will be expelled immediately without refund.


10  About The Instructor - Dr. Sheryl Beller-Kenner

Inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson, who said, “A weed is a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered”, , I have spent much time over the past 20 years making healing preparations from the gifts of the  plants. And I have discovered, “If you listen, they will teach you.”


Learning is about mindful listening. I have received my naturopathic training from various places in order to develop a well-rounded approach to complementary health care. I received my certification as a Chartered Herbalist (designation of CH) from Dominion Herbal College in British Columbia, Canada, as an aromatherapist who does aromatherapy massage (designation of CAHP) from Ontario, Canada, as a foot reflexologist (designation of RCRT) and a Level II Reiki practitioner, from here in Montreal, Canada.  My work in Spiritual Phytoessencing with Dr. Bruce Berkowsky and earned designation as a registered Spiritual PhytoEssencing practitioner(R.SPE.P.) and Group Training Leader, has taught me how to take my work with essential oils and with clients to a much higher, much more spiritual level. In addition, my training as a Certified HeartMath Provider has given me the tools to help all of my clients and students relieve the stress that causes emotional, physical, mental and spiritual imbalances.


I am currently a member in good standing of the following professional organizations: Association Canadienne des Thérapeutes en Médecines Douces/Canadian Association of Therapists in Complementary Medicine (formerly Association Canadienne des Massothérapeutes et Autres Thérapeutes en Médecines Alternatives/Canadian Association of Massage Therapists and Other Therapists in Alternative Medicine) (ACTMD/CATCM); National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA); Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA); Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC) - National and Montreal Chapter; and International Association of Aromatherapists (AIA). In addition, I am a member of the educational committee for the CFA and the AIA.


Teaching is also about mindful listening. For over 35 years, I have been teaching people of all ages all over North America. I currently offer introductory and professional certification courses in aromatherapy, herbology and reflexology right here in Montreal.


Working with clients is also about heart-based listening. In addition to being the full-time director of BelArôme Holistic Health Centre and the Montreal HeartMath Stress Reduction Clinic, I run a thriving private practice. I support all of my clients in getting in touch with their hearts and the ‘small spark within’ and showing them how this can lead them to a well-balanced, calm, healthy lifestyle.


If we open our minds and our hearts, we will discover that we have everything we right here in front of us. Join me!


11 Schedule & Registration:   Click here to see current fees & course dates.


11.1 Class Size

Class enrollment is limited to 6 participants. Please register early to hold your spot.

Contact us for an appointment to register.



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