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We have used books in excellent condition on a variety of topics of interest to those seeking information on holistic living: inspirational, aromatherapy, herbology & gardening, reflexology, reiki, yoga, various other modalities, HeartMath, nutrition & diets, astrology, esoteric, natural crafts & beauty...


Hand-Made Bath & Body Products


Made from fresh natural ingredients - soaps, bath fizzies, sprays, lotions, creams, tea blends, lip glosses, healing balms, body oils.  You never know what you can find in the Boutique!


Custom products available -- essential oil blends made just for you.  Can be added to our other products or to yours.  All made by our certified aromatherapist.

Hand-Made Jewelery & Gifts


We carry the lovingly-hand-made-in-Canada, one-of-a-kind  products of some of our fellow practitioners.  Currently we have amulet bags & bottles, crystal chakra bracelets, candles, wooden votive holders, astrology sign word cards, pendulums.  Stop by to see what's new in the Boutique. 

Aromatherapy Products


Choose from essential oils, hydrosols/hydrolats, carrier oils.  Buy our custom blends or buy the materials to make your own. Ask our resident aromatherapist for her expert assistance. We have a variety of diffusers and nebulizers -- reed, battery-operated, plug-ins, electric, and ceramic. We also have hand-made candles and wooden votive holders.

Gourmet Teas


Nothing says "relaxation" like a warm cup of tea. Full of aroma and flavor, our teas are of such high quality, that we sell them to you in clear flip-top re-usable jars (65 g) or in cellophane-window reusable bags (30-50g) so you can see the whole leaves and additions. Choose from white, green, black, caffeinated, decaffeinated, fruit, matcha and artisanal flower teas. We also have some well-dried tisanes/herbs from which you can make some fabulous blends to meet your specific needs. Our master herbalist can advise you.

Tea Accessories


We have everything you need to make a wonderful cup of tea -- teapots, measuring spoons, infusers, drip-stoppers, teabag holders, and cups.  We also have a large choice of antique teacups that we can use to make custom gift baskets for your tea-loving loved ones.

Gift Baskets


Show your appreciation to those who have made your life a little happier or easier. We make custom gift-baskets large and small. We can mix and match any of our products with gift certificates for any of our services.  Give a gift of health & well-being to someone you love.

HeartMath Stress-Reduction Materials


Choose from award-winning biofeedback technologies and books, such as the em-Wave and the Inner Balance.

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